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My story on becoming a healer as featured in God's House Calls




A Mother’s Love: A Message From Beyond



      Easter has always been a special time for me.  It's a time of deep reflection followed by renewed energy and vitality.   The Easter of 2010 however was particularly meaningful for me, and the experience would change my life forever.


     The night before Easter I was preparing for bed.  It was late  and as I was trying to fall asleep I was overcome with a strange sensation. An unfamiliar feeling of urgency and anxiety swept over me. I then sensed an energetic presence in the room. It felt as if someone was standing at the end of my bed that I could not see, only sense.  I felt the energy as loving and protective. As I was trying to make sense of things a strong feeling came over me that there was something I needed to hear.  There was a message that needed to be communicated.  Initially, I didn't know who was trying to contact me or even how or why this was happening.  I just had the impression that I would not be able to rest until I figured out this message I was supposed to receive.  I then heard a voice.  Although I was startled, I listened.  I was warned that my dad’s health was in danger.  Suddenly and without knowing how I knew, I had a strong feeling it was a blood clot. I then had a vision of my grandmother who had passed away when I was five. She was standing in her home and showed me a special memory I had as a child.  My mind struggled for a moment to absorb what was happening.  Then things started to make sense.  My grandmother had come to send me a warning about my dad.  As soon as I felt the message was heard I relaxed and was able to sleep.  As I was drifting off there was  a strong feeling of peacefulness and a loving protective energy as if my grandmother was still with me. 


      Although my dad hadn't complained of feeling unwell, I called him first thing Easter morning.  He is a serious man, reserved in expressing emotion. I was a little hesitant and unsure how he would respond. After telling him my experience there was a long pause.  He finally stated, “You described grandma exactly as she was.  I remember her working the late shift as a nurse. Even if I was already sleeping she would come in my room to check on me, give me a kiss, then would sit for awhile and watch over me.”  He then choked up as he said, “It is heartwarming to know my mother is still protecting and watching over me from the other side.” 


     The next day my dad scheduled a doctor appointment.  His left leg had been a little sore lately but he had presumed it was nothing serious.  He was relieved when the doctor also felt it wasn’t serious and advised him to put a heating pad on the area and no further testing was done.  Two days later my dad came over for a short visit to play with the grandkids.  30 minutes after he left I was overcome with the feeling something wasn't right.  It was almost like having a panic attack.  I was pacing around and felt frantic but had no idea why.  Suddenly a stern voice commanded loudly, “Call your dad.”  Briefly I thought, "I just saw Dad and  he seemed fine." 


     I then saw a flash of light and the voice urgently repeated, “Call your dad.”   This time I didn't hesitate and I reached my dad as he was walking out the door to mow the lawn.  Still feeling this sense of urgency I made him promise to rest tonight and see the doctor again tomorrow.  I was insistent that he needed testing to rule out a blood clot.  I was then able to relax and watch tv.  I started to smell perfume out of nowhere.  I tried to figure out where the smell was coming from.  It became so strong it was as if the bottle of perfume was right under my nose.  Shortly after that I was putting my three year old son to bed.   As he was brushing his teeth he said, “Who keeps calling my name?” 


     My husband and I looked around then said, “We don't hear anything, let's get you to bed.”  As we were tucking him in he insisted someone called out his name, Christian, two times.  The following morning Christian was busy playing with his trucks.  He paused and called me over. 


     “Hey mom,” he said.  “Last night I met someone. She said her name is Grandma Marge.  She's a nice lady.”  I immediately called my dad to tell him what my son experienced.  He was already back at the doctor’s office.  An ultrasound had revealed a large blood clot in his leg very close to the femoral artery. The doctor was now very concerned.  The clot had the potential to break loose and could cause a life threatening condition.  He was told to avoid strenuous activity and was started on two different medications to dissolve the clot.  I was now relieved that my Dad had a diagnosis.  We were both under the impression that this was a close call that could have been deadly but with treatment he would now be fine.


      The whole experience altered my life’s direction.  It peaked my interest in spirituality.  Something prompted me to look into  healing. Through a series of synchronistic events I discovered an energy healing class that was offered that same week only five minutes away from my house. I took that as a sign and enrolled.  I felt an immediate connection. Time seemed to fly by as I devoted myself to studying, taking more classes, and practicing meditation.  One night as I was meditating I felt the presence once again of my grandmother.  I suddenly had a vision of my father.  He was standing alone in the woods.  Shortly after the vision the now familiar energy and voice stated, “Your dad is not out of the woods yet.”  I fully trusted this time and called my dad right away.  I again urged him to see the doctor and have another ultrasound.  He also took this message quite seriously and scheduled the appointment.  It was six months after starting the medication.  The ultrasound showed the blood clot had not dissolved or diminished in size at all.  I decided it was time to put my new healing skills to the test with my dad as my first client. 


     As I began our first session, I put my hands over the area of the clot.  The entire area between his knee and hip felt energetically cold with no flow of energy to it.  It felt like a large blockage. I heard a voice say, "In four sessions your dad will be healed."  We continued with weekly sessions and each time I felt an improvement in the energy circulation to the area. On our fourth session the area was pulsing with energy. For the first time I was able to see inside the body almost like X-ray vision.  Looking inside the vessel I could see it was cleared of any blockage and had normal blood flow to the area.   My dad decided to confirm my vision by ultrasound.   It was another three months before he had one scheduled but he insisted he have another right away.  The ultrasound verified what I saw and felt.  The clot was completely gone. 


      In the years since this experience  I have started a private practice and have helped many clients.  However, I will always cherish my first energy healing and the loving encounter with my grandmother that led me to it. 



                                                                                                                                  Amy Wadel BSN, RN, HTPA





















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