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Client Stories


 "I had a severe traumatic brain injury that caused non-stop debilitating migranes.  I sought out the best doctors who performed multiple procedures and prescribed several medications.  Nothing worked.  I started doing weekly energy treatments with Amy.  I am now free of migranes and off the medications.  Anyone lucky enough to experience her talents will be changed positvely for life.  Amy is a gift from God".  -C.A.


 "Amy performed Healing Touch on my elderly mother who was hospitalized after she fell and fractured her pelvis in 2 places.  Before the session, if the nurses turned or moved her, she screamed out in pain.  The next day after the session I arrived at the hospital and mom was sitting up in her chair and could get around with her walker. Amazingly, she was discharged later that day. I consider this healing nothing short of a miracle".  -R.J.


 "An unusual sequence of events has led me to believe that Amy possesses extrodinary skills as a Healing Touch Practitioner. She intuitively knew that I had a medical condition far more serious than my medical doctor led me to believe. Further tests, that I requested based on Amy's intuition, indicated a much more serious condition.  My doctor had misdiagnosed a large blood clot in my leg as inflammation of the vein. After the proper diagnosis I was started on medications.  The doctor was confident this would dissolve the clot in about 4 months. Almost a year later I sought out Amy's assistance once again because there was no improvement to the blood clot.  After several Healing Touch sessions the blood clot had completely dissolved".  -G.O.















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